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April 6 2017

Parlez-Vous Français?

What was I thinking? When I decided to write a novel about an American couple that moves to rural France on a whim and must figure out how to fit into the local community, I didn’t think...
March 30 2017

Channeling Austen: How I Found Inspiration for Love & Death in Burgundy

Read this exclusive guest post from Susan Shea about where she drew inspiration from for Love & Death in Burgundy, and then make sure to sign in and comment below for a chance to win this wonderful...
September 14 2016

Review: The Eskimo Solution by Pascal Garnier

The Eskimo Solution by Pascal Garnier is a crime novel that finds reality and fiction overlapping for an author's stay in Normandy. Pascal Garnier (1949-2010) has become one of my favorite writers—not...
Leslie Gilbert Elman
June 16 2016

Will We Dig The Tunnel?

In addition to the return of Endeavour on Masterpiece Mystery this week, PBS will air The Tunnel, a French-English co-production from 2013. If the initial episodes are any indication, this police...
April 1 2016

Fresh Meat: Too Close to the Edge by Pascal Garnier, translated by Emily Boyce

Too Close to the Edge by Pascal Garnier is a tale of retirement and calm domesticity, with a hint of menace about to explode (Available in ebook format today, and in paperback on June 14, 2016). I’ve...
January 27 2016

Introducing the World’s First Short Story Vending Machines

1, 3, or 5. While definitely odd, these are your only choices at the world’s first short story vending machines in Grenoble, France—a small town of 160,000 located in the French...
September 11 2015

Haven’t You Learned? YOU Pick the Story for The M.O.!

Ah, smell the fresh school supplies and this ripe shortlist for The M.O.!  Read four sneak peeks of very-short stories, based on the theme of “Lesson Learned,” then vote at the...
August 15 2015

Fresh Meat: A Pattern of Lies by Charles Todd

A Pattern of Lies by Charles Todd is the 7th historical mystery in the Bess Crawford series where an explosion at a gunpowder mill leaves questions in its wake (available August 18, 2015). Almost...
July 2 2015

Summer TV: A Digital Tour of Europe

I hate watching reruns of mystery and crime TV shows I’ve already seen—it’s not much fun to tune in when you already know who did it. And, while the networks offer plenty of summer...
June 30 2015

Fresh Meat: Death in Brittany by Jean-Luc Bannalec

Death in Brittany by Jean-Luc Bannalec marks the debut of the internationally best-selling procuedural series featuring the coffee-loving Commissaire Georges Dupin who's just relocated from Paris...
June 8 2015

The Ripliad: A Sexagennial with Patricia Highsmith’s Charming Monster

In 1955, the most notorious of Patricia Highsmith’s creations, Tom Ripley, entered her repertoire. Patricia Highsmith’s (1921–1995) debut novel in 1950 was Strangers on a Train,...
May 13 2015

Fresh Meat: Boxes by Pascal Garnier

Boxes by Pascal Garnier is a work of noir fiction about a French man who goes through with moving to the countryside despite his wife's sudden overseas disappearance (available May 18, 2015). The...
April 17 2015

Letter from Lyon: At 2015’s Quais du Polar

The Quais Du Polar is the largest crime fiction festival in France, and that’s saying a lot, because the French love crime fiction. Sure, mysteries (and to a lesser extent, noir) are big in the...
December 29 2014

Fake Champagne: “Apple cider, Metallic Soda Water, or Worse”

So says Champagne Warrior Brad Baker. When high-end bottles and desirable, limited vintages are in demand, yes, fake champagne can be a thing. Here's more on “Bogus Bubbles” from the...
November 19 2014

Spinning Wheels: Transporter: The Series

In the beginning, there was Luc Besson. This master of over-the-top Eurotrash thrillers wrote the script for what in 2002 became The Transporter, the metal-bending saga of a driver-for-hire delivering...
September 18 2014

Fresh Meat: Crossing the Line by Frederique Molay

Crossing the Line by Frederique Molay is the second mystery in the Paris Homicide Series about a message discovered in the tooth of a murder victim (available September 23, 2014). I fell in love...
July 9 2014

Moving In, Creeping Out: Roman Polankski’s The Tenant (1976)

One could reasonably expect that if a Criminal Element blogger were going to single out a Roman Polanski film for appreciation, the chosen title would be Chinatown (1974). But at the risk of committing...
April 29 2014

Fresh Meat: The Blood of Alexander by Tom Wilde

The Blood of Alexander by Tom Wilde is a debut thriller featuring a global organization dedicated to stealing back antiquities, one of which may lead adventurer Jonathan Blake to the tomb of Alexander...
April 28 2014

Spring Crime in Paris Blooms with Possibilities

In spring, is there anywhere more seductive than France? In case you're itching for some armchair travel, here are links with something to fill any francophile crime fan with joie de vivre: Looking...
April 25 2014

A Curious Lost Classic of Cinema: Road to Salina (1970)

There’s enough curious tidbits about the 1970 movie Road to Salina to fill up the space of this article, if we wanted to delve fully into those items. But the film itself needs to be discussed...
February 4 2014

Announcing the 2014 Left Coast Crime Awards Nominees!

More award news! Left Coast Crime will be oceanside in Monterey, California this year (thus the monikker Calamari Crime), and here is its recently announced list of nominated honorees! [For Humor,...
October 27 2013

Bleak Existentialism Meets Grisly Crime: France’s Pascal Garnier

Claude Chabrol’s 1970 French new wave film Le Boucher involves a downcast butcher who becomes involved with a pretty schoolteacher in a provincial town; their blossoming relationship is interrupted...
July 19 2013

NBC’s Crossing Lines: Coloring Inside the Lines

Crossing Lines, NBC’s ten-episode Eurocrime entry into the summer-series derby, probably sounded like a great idea in the pitch meeting. Crime! Europe! Sexy cops! Paris! Donald Sutherland! Europe!...
May 28 2013

Fresh Meat: Death in the Vines by M. L. Longworth

Death in the Vines by M. L. Longworth is the third in the Verlaque and Bonnet traditional mystery series set in Provence (available May 28, 2013). Olivier Bonnard, the owner of Domaine Beauclaire...
March 29 2013

Mesrine: The French Scarface

Jacques Mesrine was a real piece of work. For the better part of twenty years, the flamboyant French gangster robbed banks, kidnapped billionaires, and dodged the cops all around the world. He...
September 3 2012

Fresh Meat: The 7th Woman by Frédérique Molay

The 7th Woman by Frédérique Molay is a thriller featuring Chief Inspector Nico Sirsky of Paris’s top criminal investigation unit (available for the first time in English on October...
August 3 2012

The Twenty-Year Death by Ariel S. Winter: New Excerpt

The Twenty-Year Death by Ariel S. Winter (available August 7th) is a single book made up of three crime novels told across decades—from the years 1941, 1951, and 1961—each capturing the style and...
April 23 2012

International Zombie of Mystery: Undead Without Borders

We’ve talked about various kinds of zombies here at Criminal Element, and it would be remiss of us to leave out the international zombie. Now the zombie craze isn’t solely a American thing. Though...
October 14 2011

The Scene of the Crime: Heistworthy Hotels

Just as in real estate, in crime location is everything. And plenty of criminals choose hotels as the scenes of their felonious fun. Take Darius Guppy, for example. A gem merchant so well-bred and connected...
July 23 2011

Thieving Seagull Plays Cocteau?

This criminal means (show) business!  There is some debate, heated and unresolved, as to whether this video is real or cinéma vérité as viral marketing for a line of rugged sports cameras....