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Four Comics for People Missing Marvel’s Netflix Shows

Dave Richards suggests comic books for fans of Marvel’s Netflix Shows, some of which are being pulled from Netflix or canceled. Marvel Comics prides itself as being “the world outside your window,” which means it’s a place where the grittiness of the real world collides with the fantastic elements, like… Read more

Thirty-Seven by Peter Stenson

Book Review: Thirty-Seven by Peter Stenson

Part Fight Club, part The Girls, Peter Stenson’s Thirty-Seven explores our need to belong. Our need to be loved. Our need to believe in something greater than ourselves, and our ultimate capacity for self-delusion. When Mason Hues ran away from his adoptive parents at the age of 15, it wasn’t because he was deprived. In… Read more

The Edgar Awards Revisited: The Progress of a Crime by Julian Symons (Best Novel; 1961)

Englishman Julian Symons (1912-1994) was/is something of an oddity within the world of crime fiction. His is a name that rarely gets mentioned among enthusiasts of the genre. You get the sense that, even in his own time, he flew somewhat under the radar within the realm of suspense novel… Read more

Jack Vance’s Edgar Award: A Mystery Novel Wrapped in an Enigma

Like many other distinguished science fiction and fantasy authors, Jack Vance won multiple Hugo awards, a Nebula award, a World Fantasy Award, and plenty of other honors. Unlike most other holders of these awards, Vance also has the highest award in the field of mystery writing, an Edgar Award from… Read more

Book Review: The Murder Book by Lissa Marie Redmond

The Murder Book is the second novel in Lissa Marie Redmond’s Cold Case Investigation series. When detective Lauren Riley wakes up in the hospital, she’s certain of two things: she was stabbed and left for dead . . . and the person who did it was a cop. Buffalo native… Read more

The Crime Writer’s Guide to Procrastination

Like any writer, I live to procrastinate. If I don’t get my thousand words in between five-thirty and seven in the morning—when I am not fully conscious and therefore don’t yet know to be scared of the page—I will try to talk myself out of it. And while I should… Read more

Making Money: La Casa de Papel / Money Heist

Willie Sutton famously said (or, perhaps, didn’t say) that he robbed banks because that’s where the money is. But that’s not the only place the money is. It’s in casinos too (thus, the Ocean’s [insert number] films). It’s sometimes in mobsters’ homes (the focus of Widows, for instance). But if… Read more

Cooking the Books: Palace of Treason by Jason Matthews

Captain Dominika Egorova—the Red Sparrow of the series title—is back at her Moscow desk in the Russian Intelligence Service (SVR) after conspiring with the CIA to cement her role as their high-level informant. Though, after the final events chronicled in the previous book, she’s not too sure about whether she… Read more

Q&A with M.D. Marie, author of Image Comics’ Vindication

Dave Richards interviews author M.D. Marie about Vindication, her new four-issue comic series, and collaborating with artists Carlos Miko and Dema Jr. Combining the comic medium and crime fiction, Vindication grapples with biases and flaws of the criminal justice system. Crime fiction is like a healthy and great-tasting dessert: the frosting is… Read more

What We Did by Christobel Kent

Book Review: What We Did by Christobel Kent

Bridget has a secret—one she keeps from everyone, even her husband. What We Did by Christobel Kent is a nightmarish tale of the secrets we keep from our families, of chilling childhood abuse, and of long-awaited retribution. Bridget is happy. She has her own little dress shop in Rose Hill,… Read more