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The Darkest Time of Night: New Excerpt

The Darkest Time of Night by Jeremy Finley is a fast-paced debut thriller full of suspense and government cover-ups, which explores what happens to people’s lives when our world intersects with the unexplainable. “The lights took him.” When the seven-year-old grandson of U.S. Senator vanishes in the woods behind his home,… Read more

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Westworld 2.09: “Vanishing Point” Episode Review

Many individuals—robots and humans alike—are losing their minds this week. Some are on the brink of taking their own lives, while others struggle to find some hope of regaining lost connections and self-control. “Vanishing Point” features indications of even deeper secrets, which wily, old Ford (Anthony Hopkins) is well aware… Read more

5 Thriller Premises I Wish Were My Own

Every once in a while, I come across a book with an idea so cool that I’m simultaneously awed and envious. I’m sure most writers know the feeling. Some books start with an old premise and do a new, never-before-seen take on it, while others come up with something so… Read more