Man Guzzles Body Spray to Avoid DUI (and Fails)

A man who was pulled over for drinking while driving sprayed AXE body spray in his mouth in an effort to conceal the smell of booze on his breath.

According to KPTV, police say that Patrick David Butler, 45, was pulled over because officers witnessed him swerving his vehicle to avoid hitting a curb and crossing the center line multiple times.

When officers pulled him over, they said they saw Butler “actively spraying AXE body spray into this mouth.” Okay, then…

Officers then asked Butler what the hell he was doing with that spray? Butler responded with the perfect advertising pitch: “I’m spraying myself from head to toe.”

So why was Butler so quick to drink the body spray? Well, he told officers that he had just got back from downing a couple beers and a shot of Jack Daniels while watching some football.

He was given multiple field sobriety tests before being arrested. Rumor has it, he was the best smelling guy in jail that night.

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