Dial ‘B’ for Butt-Dialing Burglar

Aren’t smartphones supposed to make life easier? Not so for this week’s bungling bad guys.

According to KPRC News, police were tipped off to an on-going burglary at a Best Buy in Sugar Land, Texas when one of the alleged burglars butt-dialed 911.

Police received a cellphone call at 3 AM, and—when no one responded to the dispatcher—they were able to triangulate the location of the phone to the Best Buy. The store’s alarm system also alerted police of the trespassing bums.

The suspects were quick to flee the scene of their botched burglary. High-tailing it away from the electronics store in a truck, suspects led police on a nearly forty-minute chase. K-9 and helicopter units were called in to hunt down the suspects, finally apprehending 2 0f the 3 men in Northeast Houston.

While the location of the third man is not known, we can only guess that he successfully escaped and is sitting pretty on expensive electronics—possibly super basses.

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