Driver Busted In HOV Lane With Dummy In The Passenger Seat

“One is the loneliest number.” I can only imagine that was Long Island driver James Britt’s initial excuse when Suffolk County Police Department busted him using the HOV lane of the Long Island Expressway with no other passengers in his vehicle (you know, except for the mannequin that he dressed and propped up in the passenger seat).

According to Newsday, eagle-eyed Highway Patrol Officer Andrew Spina spotted something suspicious in the passenger seat of Britt’s Saturn. On closer inspection, Office Spina confirmed that the rigid rider was indeed nothing more than a mannequin in a crudely applied rubber mask, clad in a baseball cap, hoodie, and sunglasses.

Image courtesy of Newsday

The driving violation is no laughing matter; it could result in a stiff fine and points on one’s license.

One question remains: was this really the work of an arrogant driver, or something more—perhaps an elaborate publicity stunt? I’m sure I’m not the only one holding out for a reprisal of Kevin Bacon’s role as Sebastian Caine in 2000’s memorable thriller, Hollow Man, and this would be the most surprising way to start building hype. Fingers crossed.

*Video courtesy of CBS News


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