Man Arrested for Loving Stealing High-End Mannequin

Image courtesy of WKRN
Christopher Wademan – Image courtesy of WKRN
Nashville police arrested a man this week after they found him between the sheets with a female mannequin that he stole from a lingerie store earlier in the evening. Sounds like some night!

According to WKRN,  Christopher Wademan, 55, walked right into the store, picked up the mannequin, exited to the parking lot, and drove away. A tragic maiming happened during the ordeal when the innocent victim’s left arm fell off during this senseless mannequin-napping.

It took no time for the police to run the license plate number to learn the vehicle he drove belonged to a woman who lived in a retirement community. Police cruised on over and found Wademan in bed with the stolen mannequin. Wademan, who had an active warrant already, was arrested at the scene.

Oh, the store clerk claims the mannequin and the merchandise it was wearing at the time was worth about $5,000. Now that is a high-class mannequin!

At least the movie version starring Andrew McCarthy and Kim Cattrall had a happier ending than this one…

Andrew McCarthy and Kim Cattrall in Mannequin
Andrew McCarthy and Kim Cattrall in Mannequin

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