Fight Breaks Out Over Flatulence

Bar scuffles normally begin with a spilled drink or someone donning beer-muscles looking for trouble. This time, however, a simple fart led to a fight at the popular Sloppy Joe's Bar in Key West on Monday night.

According to The Smoking Gun, Sandra Stoner and her boyfriend Richard McBride were hanging out at the bar with some friends when they got into a verbal argument with another pair over a fart. Maybe they were debating the finer points of whoever smelt it, dealt it. Or, perhaps, whoever denied it, supplied it. Either way you cut the cheese it, the argument led to a physical altercation, and an unidentified man decked McBride square in the face.

Stoner said McBride defended himself and fought back, but unfortunately dislocated his shoulder during the battle. The officer at the scene said McBride tackled the man and they fell to the ground punching each other. The bar's security team stepped in and broke up the fight and dialed the police. The other couple left the bar shortly after the fight. Police were unable to locate them.

McBride was taken to the hospital to be evaluated. While there, he said he didn't want to press charges and that he wanted it behind him.

There were no reports on just how funky the flatulence was. I can only assume it must have been a doozy.

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