Nobody Puts Baby Behind Bars

A car chase earlier this week in the San Fernando Valley, California culminated in a shocking, albeit, wildly entertaining end.

According to ABC7, a reckless driver refused to pull over when police cruisers attempted to apprehend him. Evading police from Calabasas to Laurel Canyon Boulevard, the driver was eventually stopped when California Highway Patrol performed the PIT maneuver, spinning the car to bring the perp to a halt. That’s when things got . . . funky.

While officers steadied their guns on the suspect, the man exited his car, stepped into his spotlight (provided by police helicopters), and proceeded to perform an impromptu breakdance routine that lasted nearly 15 seconds. The b-boy was then taken into police custody before he could pop-lock-drop.

We can’t urge our readers enough to remain decent, upstanding citizens (. . .  but if you were to find yourself being pursued in a car chase by police—just hypothetically speaking of course—the least you could do is turn yourself over to the authorities with true style, like this law-breaking breakdancer).

*Images and video courtesy of ABC7

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