Bank Robbers Fool Security with Aluminum Foil Armor

The Tin Foil Man
The Tin Foil Man
We go international for this one… In Brazil a couple of bank robbers adorned themselves from head-to-toe in the classic UFO conspiracist aluminum foil suit before breaking into a bank. Why would they wear tin foil? In an effort to thwart the bank's security system. We might find this crazy, but their plan worked! Score one for the nut-jobs!

However, they must have been too focused on their shinny suits to remember the banks’s security cameras. The local police were notified and rushed to the bank's location in an attempt to foil the heist. (Get it?)

Anyways, according to The Blaze, the silver surfer suspects managed to escape. In their wake they left behind blowtorches and other tools they used to crack into bank's safe. The duel remains at large.

Police did nab a suspect they believe was the crew’s lookout. He was hiding in the bushes just outside of the bank. The investigation is still ongoing.

Still image from the bank robbery (photo credit:  G1)
Still image from the bank robbery (photo credit: G1)


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