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November 23 2017

The X-Files Fanfic: The Stories Are Out There

Fox Mulder and Dana Scully are set to return next year for another revival season of The X-Files, but for some fans, it’s like they never really left—even during that 15-year gap when...
October 10 2017

Vote for Mulder or Scully

  Check out all of our great X-Files coverage!
December 28 2016

The X-Files Origins: Agent of Chaos: New Excerpt

The X-Files Origins: Agent of Chaos by Kami Garcia tells the backstory of how Fox Mulder became a believer (Available January 3, 2017). In the spring of 1979, seventeen-year-old Fox Mulder has bigger...
November 4 2016

Dear Mulder & Scully: Someone to Cher Your Life With

This week's guest columnist are FBI Special Agents Fox Mulder and Dr. Dana Scully, who—I want to believe—keep each other “balanced.”  Dear Mulder and Scully, You...
October 28 2016

Dear Mulder & Scully: There’s Something in the Woods ... Some—Thing!

This week's guest columnist are FBI Special Agents Fox Mulder and Dr. Dana Scully, who—I want to believe—keep each other “balanced.”  Dear Mulder and Scully, I...
September 2 2016

Dear Mulder & Scully: Advice for the Abducted

This week's guest columnist are FBI Special Agents Fox Mulder and Dr. Dana Scully, who—I want to believe—keep each other “balanced.”  Dear Mulder and Scully, On...
May 26 2016

Mood, Music, & Mysteries

Every mystery lover knows that the theme music for a TV series helps to sets the mood for the viewer. A solid theme song certainly plays an important role in the success of any series. The musical...
April 1 2016

The Best Female Sleuths in Pop Culture, Part II

Sleuth fans, we’re back again, and this time with an even longer list of the best women detectives, crime fighters, and amateur mystery solvers pop culture has to offer.  When we published...
March 18 2016

13 of the Best Female Sleuths from Pop Culture

Everyone knows Sherlock Holmes, Hercule Poirot, and the Hardy Boys, but what about the best female sleuths from pop culture? Women have been solving crime and catching bad guys in books, television,...
March 1 2016

I Still Want to Believe: The Power of The X-Files

Plenty have talked about the impact The X-Files has had on the pop culture and TV landscapes. There's no denying that it has, in one way or another, shaped the genre television that has followed...
February 29 2016

The Truth Is Out There: Looking Back at Seasons 8-9 of The X-Files

REYES: You don't care what these people have sacrificed over the last nine years, what's been lost to their cause! You make a mockery of it, gladdened it proves your point. What is...
February 29 2016

X-Files Flash Tattoo Pattern Tote Bag

The X-Files miniseries (AKA Season 10) may be over, but “I Want to Believe” our love for Mulder and Scully is everlasting. That's why today's Daily Steal is this wonderfully...
February 24 2016

The X-Files 10.06: “My Struggle II”

CIGARETTE SMOKING MAN: It's too late for your heroics now. MULDER: I don't believe that! CIGARETTE SMOKING MAN: You don't want to believe. Six weeks—and...
February 22 2016

Believe to Understand: Looking Back at Season Seven of The X-Files

MULDER: The end of my world was unrecognizable and upside down. There was one thing that remained the same. You were my friend, and you told me the truth. Even when the world was falling apart,...
February 16 2016

The X-Files 10.05: “Babylon”

MILLER: Hello? Anyone down here? SCULLY: Nobody but the FBI's most unwanted! MULDER: *stare* SCULLY: I've been waiting twenty-three years to say that. MULDER:...
February 15 2016

All Lies Lead to the Truth: Looking Back at Season Six of The X-Files

MULDER: “Dear Diary, today my heart leapt when Agent Scully suggested spontaneous human combustion...” SCULLY: Shut up! For all that The X-Files is a show about...
February 9 2016

The X-Files 10.04: “Home Again”

SCULLY: Back in the day, didn't we ever come across the ability to wish someone back to life? MULDER: I invented it. When you were in the hospital like this. SCULLY: You're...
February 8 2016

Believe the Lie: Looking Back at Season Five of The X-Files

MULDER: Well, maybe you don't know what you're looking for. SCULLY: Like evidence of conjury or the black arts? Or shamanism, divination, Wicca, or any kind of pagan or neo-pagan...
February 3 2016

The X-Files 10.03: “Mulder and Scully Meet the Were-Monster”

MULDER: So we're looking for a man-sized horned lizard—with human teeth! SCULLY: *stare* MULDER: ...Sounds a bit silly, doesn't it? I can die happy now. I...
February 1 2016

Apology Is Policy: Looking Back at Season Four of The X-Files

MULDER: A growth? SCULLY: A tumor. You're the only one I've called. MULDER: ...But it's treatable? SCULLY: The truth is that the type and placement of the tumor...
January 27 2016

The X-Files 10.02: “Founder’s Mutation”

SCULLY: It could be dangerous. MULDER: *scoffs* When has that ever stopped us before? Ever get a ringing in your ears? Has it ever been bad enough that you contemplated using...
January 26 2016

Deny Everything: Looking Back at Season Three of The X-Files

MULDER: I was dead, but now I'm back! Oh, Mulder—always the flair for the dramatic. That's why we love you. Well, that—and your floofy hair, devotion to Scully,...
January 26 2016

The X-Files 10.01: “My Struggle”

TAD O'MALLEY: What Bill O'Reilly knows about the truth could fill an eyedropper. Men in black. Roswell. Government conspiracies. The X-Files is back. When last we saw...
January 24 2016

Trust No One: Looking Back at Season Two of The X-Files

SCULLY: ...And you're worried that for all these years you've been seeing elves? MULDER: In my case, little green men. The X-Files are no more. Agent Fox Mulder (David...
January 23 2016

I Want to Believe: Looking Back at Season One of The X-Files

SCULLY: Agent Mulder, I'm Dana Scully. I've been assigned to work with you. MULDER: Oh really? I was under the impression you were sent here to spy on me. And the rest,...
January 23 2015

The X Files to Return? The Truth Is Out There

We've already discussed the upcoming return of Twin Peaks (for which we can't talke all the credit), and now you can (hopefully) add The X-Files to the list of sci-fi rebirths! After appearing...
February 19 2013

Is NBC’s Hannibal “Following” the Leader?

Watch this trailer and see! Okay, okay—it’s not a completely fair question, since both NBC’s Hannibal and Fox’s The Following (which we’re currently recapping) were announced...
January 23 2013

Partners in Crime-Fighting

Crime-fighting teams have been around as long as there have been crimes to fight. Though a maverick like James Bond can certainly be intriguing, a duo of crime fighters working together provides...
December 15 2012

Til Death Do Us Part: TV’s Top Crime Fighting Couples

Crime  TV is full of crime fighting super-couples, but no two duos are exactly alike. Here are my all-time faves. 10. Brenda Leigh Johnson and Fritz Howard, The Closer The only reason...
December 12 2012

Opposites Attract: Why We Love Both Castle and The Wire

I was looking at my collection (yes, I do this a lot) and I was wondering. How can I have on the same shelf genres such as hard-boiled, gritty, literary, noir, literary noir, police procedurals,...