The Difference Between Criminals and the Rest of Us…

is that the rest of us just think about doing stuff like this:

A California couple was arrested on suspicion of kidnapping and assaulting a San Jose handyman, holding him hostage for eight hours and forcing him to do home repairs before he finally escaped, authorities said Wednesday.

It’s actually a horrible story (see SFGate for the details), but the idea is so wonderful. Surely, someone needs to turn it into a noir fantasy. Wish fulfillment for every homeowner.


  1. Dana King

    Not to trivialize what the handyman went through, but imagine making this into a movie using the same cast as THE REF: Kevin Spacey as the husband, Judy Davis as the wife, and Denis Leary as the handyman. maybe the production team from GET SHORTY: Scott Frank, screenplay, and Barry Sonnenfeld, director. I’d pay money to see that. (Of course, now I’m going to want a taste if anyone actually puts this crew together.)

  2. Robert K. Lewis

    What was that movie where some guy holds his boss hostage and uses the flap of an envelope to give him papercuts on his tongue? This made me think of that movie. Just can’t remember the name.

  3. Laura K. Curtis

    I’ve been screwed SO OFTEN by contractors that I really do feel as if it would be total wish fulfillment for me to see such a movie or read such a book. Of course, I’d never do such a thing because I don’t have the appropriate meth-head look for my mug shot.

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