Robbers Holds up Carwash with an Emtpy Bag of Chips

Sometimes you need to rob a joint at the tail end of the munchies. It appears that is what happened with this week's case. California Police reported that a man attempted to holdup a carwash with an empty bag of potato chips.

Accounting to the SF Gate, the police say that the man entered KaCees World of Water and dropped the potato chip bag on the counter and told the cashier to fill it up with money. The man also threatened the cashier that he had a gun and that he gestured it was located within the empty  bag of chips. However, the cashier noticed that it contained only a piece of cardboard and yelled over a co-worker for some help.

When the would-be robber realized his plan was not working, he quickly jumped into his car and fled. Police are still looking for the suspect and the empty bag of chips. I suggest they try every vending machine in the state.