Woman Punches Border Agent’s Horse

What is worse than smuggling drugs across the border? Hitting a border patrol’s horse in the face! That is exactly what happened when a woman was arrested for trafficking drugs over the Mexico border, according to CBS.

Karla Barnegas-Banegas, from Honduras, and eight of her friends were snagged by U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials on patrol in Arizona. The pack of smugglers were carrying seven knapsacks overflowing with a whopping 374 pounds of marijuana—which carries the street value of $500,000.

This is where the story goes south for the horse. Border agents say Barnegas-Banegas punched a border patrol horse in its face—with a closed fist! Not cool. The suspect was taken into custody on drug possession and transport charges in addition to animal cruelty to a police animal.


  1. michel ferris

    Please tell me this idiot got arrested for animal cruelty. Horrible. Ferryboat

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