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December 11 2015

Bill Murray and the Wu-Tang Clan: The Perfect Crime

At this point, we all know Martin Shkreli as the price-hiking, pharmaceutical bad-boy that recently acquired the drug Daraprim (pyrimethamine)—a drug used to treat AIDS patients—and...
August 17 2015

Sorry, Yogi, That Door’s for Cat Burglars

An Idaho man's home has been repeatedly raided by thieving bears, and a cub even tried to sneak in through the cat flap! There are more incredible pictures of the sneak thieves living it up at Douglas...
June 17 2015

Fresh Meat: Vixen by Bill Pronzini

Vixen by Bill Pronzini is the newest addition to the Nameless Detective series where a femme fatale spells more than trouble for the semi-retired P.I. (available June 23, 2015). The Nameless Detective...
June 3 2015

Fresh Meat: Concrete Angel by Patricia Abbott

Concrete Angel by Patricia Abbott is familial thriller set in 1970's Philadelphia about a wicked mother and her children who learn the only way to survive is to fight back (available June 9, 2015). Evelyn...
May 18 2015

For the Person Who Has Everything... Or Knows Where to Steal It

This Lockpick School In A Box “gives you everything you need to learn this valuable art... [including] five lock cylinders, which are numbered and get progressively more difficult as...
March 18 2015

Thief Spray-Paints Face to Avoid Police

One man’s strange attempt to hide from police failed when he tried to spray paint his face in an effort to blend into “the background” after stealing a car. The suspect, Jose Espinoza,...
August 4 2014

A New Masterpiece Thanks to An Artist’s Bloody Chainsaw...and a Death Star

We've posted on thrift-store paintings enhanced by monsters, but Canadian artist David Irvine tosses in superheroes, villains, and pop culture icons, among other provocations. Cheaters...
July 30 2014

Man Robs Restaurant and Returns for Lunch the Same Day

Here at Criminal Element we are not normally in the business of giving advice to the bad guys, but a man in Costa Mesa, California might want to rethink his love for the popular El Pollo Loco chain....
July 23 2014

Woman Steals Vibrator by Hiding it in Baby’s Stroller

Let’s be honest, it is certainly one thing to get caught with a smoking gun in your hand, but it is quite another to get caught with a buzzing vibrator in your baby’s stroller. That’s...
June 9 2014

After Stealing Millions in Jewelry Over Decades, She Still Isn’t Sorry

Described as“ lovely and mischievous,” this one-woman crime wave has stolen millions of dollars in jewelry over a career spanning five decades. She's eluded police and broken out...
March 30 2014

Fresh Meat: By Its Cover by Donna Leon

By Its Cover by Donna Leon is the 23rd Commissario Guido Brunetti mystery about the Venetian police chief, whose  current investigation starts with stolen pages from old books and ends in murder...
February 17 2014

Nice Mug (Shot), Butch Cassidy

He doesn’t look much like Paul Newman, but he is Butch Cassidy—the real Butch Cassidy—and that’s his mug shot. It was issued by the Pinkerton National Detective Agency some time...
January 30 2014

Step 1: Hire Polish Contortionist... Step 3: Profit!

No doomed wise guy, the man folded inside this luggage was a criminal who pretzeled himself in and out again and again. (While researching the unfortunate story of a young MI6 codebreaker, we stumbled...
December 17 2013

Christmas Cheer at the Office: Santa Hates You

We were down with justice until the call for the excreta of Rangifer tarandus. That's just nasty. h/t: passive-aggressive notes.
December 10 2013

Coffee Shop is Robbed, Responds By Creating Food Drive for Thief

It's a rare thing to know of someone who gets money stolen from them only to have the reaction: “They must have needed it more than I did.” But that's exactly the reaction one coffee...
November 4 2013

Pancho Villa Rides... Swims Again!

Via Huffington Post, we learned that Pancho, a sea lion who hangs around Cabo San Lucas, has discovered stealing enormous and tasty Mahi Mahi from TV people is easier than doing the hard work himself....
September 15 2013

Gangster Cinema, British Style: Never Let Go (1960) With Peter Sellers and Richard Todd

Even a short list of the comic portraits created onscreen by Peter Sellers is impressive: Inspector Clouseau in the Pink Panther films, President Merkin Muffley and the mad Doctor Strangelove in the...
September 13 2013

Fresh Meat: Something Borrowed, Someone Dead by M.C. Beaton

Something Borrowed, Someone Dead by M.C. Beaton is the 24th book in the Agatha Raisin mystery series set in the village of Carsely in the English Cotswolds (available September 17, 2013). There’s...
September 13 2013

Grand Theft Auto Steals Some Famous Voice Talent

Grand Theft Auto has gotten some major flack over the years for its portrayal of illegal activities and rampant imagery of violence, especially against women. However, September 17 will mark the release...
August 22 2013

Fresh Meat: Delilah Dirk and the Turkish Lieutenant by Tony Cliff

Delilah Dirk and the Turkish Lieutenant by Tony Cliff is a graphic novel about an alternate 19th century, where an adventuress takes a new friend and a flying boat to rob a Sultan (available August...
August 20 2013

Missing Boxers or a Pizza? Suspect a Cat Burglar

Many cats bring home trophies, but meet the most amibitious cat burglar we've encountered, a midnight thief who quickly moved on from the prosaic and ordinary morsels from neighborhood recycling...
August 9 2013

Shirley Temple Never Brings a Bat to a Gun Fight

Slate's crime blog has dubbed a bat-wielding thief who tried to rob a gun store “dumbest of all the the dumb criminals,” pointing out that “Mosley could’ve made things easier...
August 6 2013

Fresh Meat: The Good Thief’s Guide to Berlin by Chris Ewan

The Good Thief's Guide to Berlin by Chris Ewan is the fifth novel about globetrotting writer-slash-criminal Charlie Howard (available August 6, 2013). When Charlie Howard’s literary agent,...
July 30 2013

Inspector Clouseau Will Not Be Pleased

Hmmmm, thieves hiding stolen jewels in face cream? Where have we heard this before? A member of the thus-named 'Pink Panther' gang—not slinky and mischievous felines after all, but a real-live...
July 7 2013

Fresh Meat: The Last Whisper in the Dark by Tom Piccirilli

In The Last Whisper in the Dark, Tom Piccirilli's second novel about the criminal Rand family, prodigal thief Terrier Rand comes home (available July 9, 2013). The Last Whisper in the Dark is...
June 26 2013

Killer Antiques: What’s It Worth?

Just as the Bible tells us that it’s not money per se that leads to evil, but rather the love of money, so too it is with antiques: It’s not that antiques can lead to murder, it’s...
April 28 2013

The Appeal of the Heist

Heists are a staple of the crime genre. Who doesn’t love stories like Ocean’s 11, The Italian Job, or even A Fish Called Wanda? But, unlike murder and other crimes, heists are crimes we...
April 15 2013

Fresh Meat: Stolen by Daniel Palmer

Stolen by Daniel Palmer is a stand-alone thriller featuring a desperate couple who stole from the wrong man (available April 30, 2013). Let me tell you how it feels to learn that your wife is going...
March 24 2013

Identity Theft and Other Nefarious Deeds of a Stock Image

The stock image used in the reveal of the new New York State License might seem a people. We're thinking when New York picked “Brenna Murphy”, they should have...
March 15 2013

A New Kind of Identity Theft: Trailer for Orphan Black

A new BBC America thriller is all set to answer a question of ever-growing importance. Can a clone commit identity theft? I for one think it is a more than fair question. Here's the synopisis for...