Stay Away from the Killer Candy!

Candy kills!  Or does it?
Candy kills! Or does it?
In my neighborhood, children don’t trick-or-treat. This seems incredibly sad to me, as I adored the whole process when I was young—dressing up, rinigng doorbells, getting the cool treats, sorting and trading with my siblings for what we wanted. But I understand my neighborhood is not the only one where parents would rather send their kids to a party than take them house to house.

And no, it’s not just laziness (though our area is hilly to walk). It’s fear. Fear of . . . candy!

One of the most pervasive (and destructive) urban legends is the poisoned candy legend. You know, the one that says EVIL PEOPLE in your neighborhood are sprinkling arsenic on candy before passing it out to children.

But the thing is, there’s never been a documented case of poisoned candy. Just check out this comprehensive article on the topic at Snopes. Murder by candy? Absolutely. But not random poisoning of neighborhood children.

So maybe, just maybe, it’s actually safe to take your kids out and let them fill their greedy little hands with treats from your neighbors. Except, you know, the cat lady with the hooked nose, green skin, and big wart. Maybe you should stay away from her.


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  1. Saundra Peck

    Wow…that is sad. Halloween was always such a fun time “back in the day”. When did that “day” end? And how do we start over?

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