Man Soars High in Lawn Chair, Lands in Jail

Police from Calgary, Canada are shaking their heads in disbelief over a publicity stunt that could have ended very badly.

Daniel Boria of Calgary has been charged with mischief after he floated over the city in a lawnchair attached to more than 100 helium-filled balloons. He was allegedly attempting to parachute into the Rodeo Stampede grounds to promote his local cleaning business. He must have thought this was a grand idea!

According to the BBC, Acting Inspector Kyle Grant explains that the man was able to float really high, eventually leaping from the chair and parachuting down and landing in a green lawn area near the grounds. The man suffered some minor injuries.

Boris faces charges of mischief causing danger to life. Might we also suggest he stop watching the movie UP


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    Let’s start a petition for his release. I mean, there’s serial killers out there, gangsters, corrupted politicians, but hey, let’s arrest this guy who flew with some balloons.

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