Ew. And Also, Ow: Public Naked Unicycling is Illegal.

Stay away from this man’s unicycle.
The headline pretty much says it all: “Police Arrest Naked Man Riding Unicycle Over Texas Bridge.” But in case you were wondering, no, he wasn’t drunk. And no, he’s not a kid. That’s him at left in his mug shot (courtesy of The Smoking Gun, the mug shot experts, who also have the dashcam record of the incident).

Joseph Farley is forty-five years old and apparently enjoys “the experience of naked unicycling.”

He doesn’t seem to care what other people enjoy, however. Or, more to the point, what they probably don’t enjoy, like being forced to watch him take his afternoon constitutional with his dangly bits swaying hither and yon.


  1. Jennifer Proffitt

    I feel like these are one of those moments in life when I go “No Shit” and the guy really should have thought for two seconds that if public nudity is illegal, and that doesn’t change just because you’re on a unicycle.

  2. LoisKarlin

    Definitely a unique attention grabber! Fodder for someone’s mystery story.

  3. Clare 2e

    LOL, @Noelle!

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