1. Cindy maher

    It’s so obvious that the powers that be have never read the book as he’s the furthest thing from Reacher than the man in the moon.

    • Angus Miles

      Lee child has lost milions of readers because of this terrible decission to cast a pip sqeak in place of our favourite no nonsense hero. Read them and weep!

  2. Yvette

    The idea of little Tommy Cruise being physically intimidating, which is Jack Reacher’s stock in trade, is laughable. This is the worst casting news I think I’ve ever heard. I will definitely NOT be seeing this film.

    The above comment is correct. These people have probably never read the books. Cruise included.

  3. Terrie Farley Moran

    Well, that is enough said about Cruise/Reacher. I’m with Cindy and Yvette. This is never going to be on my must see list–even if it is offered free.

  4. CarolK

    Remeber the old saying “Gag me with a maggot”. Well, it fits here!

  5. Thomas Pluck

    I don’t get the hate, he’s the perfect Reacher. He’s gotta reach for everything!

  6. Laura K. Curtis

    As I understood from reading various sources (which may, of course, all be wrong), Cruise HIMSELF optioned the movie. Which means he wanted to play Reacher (well, of course he did, it’s total wish-fulfillment for a guy like him) and he paid the money to make it happen.

  7. Beth

    Well you can count on me not seeing the movie. I love Reacher and all of the books, this is a disappointment of epic proportions.

  8. Brandt Dodson

    Unbelievable. I agree with Cindy Maher. It is obvious that the producers of the this film have never read a Lee Child novel. But this IS Hollywood, after all.

  9. shazzzz

    First he ruined Interview With A Vampire……and now this, Jack Reacher,
    in his dreams….and my nighmares..

  10. Harmon Prives

    This is the worst choice since Senator John McCain chose Sarah Palin as his running mate.

  11. Johnny

    What a real shame that such a great character and story are being treated so poorly with this casting.

  12. moonheart

    Well, that just ruined the series for me… Everytime I read a novel I’ll be picturing Tom Cruise. I won’t go see this film.

  13. Robin Bradford

    Well, I won’t be seeing this movie. Makes me sad, but better to just stick with the book, I guess.

  14. Mary Saputo

    I’ve said it before but I’ll repeat myself. Can’t even imagine Cruise as Reacher. This is so bad. I don’t understand what Paramount is thinking. Obviously our opinions don’t matter. I agree with Beth and Robin. This is a disappointment of epic proportions and I won’t be seeing this movie.

  15. big reacher fan

    I am in shock about Tom Cruise being cast as Jack Reacher. I cannot begin to see him in this part. I will continue to read the books, but will not see this film and have my image of Reacher totally trashed. This will make the series a one time only film. Why not cast it appropriately and have a great series of films. When Tom bought the rights to the film he should have wanted it to be about more than his acting career. I think he is talented, but this is not the part for him in so many ways.

  16. Peggy Jentoft

    Tom Cruise has done very well in roles that everyone was sure he would be a disaster in, playing Ron Kovik in “Born on the fourth of July” and as Lestat the vampire in the first ot that series so while he’d never have been my choice I’m going to wait and see

  17. Judith Dimitrov

    No! … No, No, No! Love the books, but Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher is ‘Criminal’!

  18. getagrip

    People, people, people. Tom Cruise can play Reacher just fine. Reacher is a cold-blooded do-gooder. While the physical aspect is missing, it isn’t going to make a hill of beans difference to the general audience who will see the film because they will never have read any of the books. What they care about is: a good story, which One Shot is, and characterization as presented by a good actor, which Cruise most certainly is and he’s proven it in a number of fine films. He’s played cold-blooded, i.e. Collateral, to name just one. You may cry foul today, but you will eventually see the movie, maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon, and for the rest of your life you will regret that you were so quick to condemn. You know deep down in your heart that what I write is true.

  19. not a Cruise fan

    I’ve never read the Reacher books, but my husband has. He was shocked that Cruise will be playing the part. This is a character that resonates with my husband.

    I am not a Cruise fan as he plays the same roles over and over. He has limited range and find it unfortunate that Mr. Cruise optioned the film and has decided he would be a perfect Reacher.

    Reacher is described as 6’5″ with blond hair, physically imposing. Cruise is perhaps 5’7″ and not very imposing. Mr. Cruise, give up the role and cast someone else. Liam Neeson, perhaps? Or Jason Statham? At least they’re “physically imposing.”

  20. SarahG

    This is appalling…just appalling. A truly good actor would recognize that he’s all wrong for the character and would decline the offer. Cruise is a loon from start to finish, and a complete egomaniac. I’m not sure who’s worse: whoever offered him the part, or Cruise himself for accepting it.

    One thing’s for sure — somebody really, really stupid is gonna lose his or her job over this. You don’t try to cash in on a series’ popularity by finding the worst possible actor EVER to play the lead role. And it’s not like Cruise is cheap — this isn’t a Lifetime or Hallmark or SyFy production — they could’ve afforded several actors who would have been better.

    Looks like Cruise has yet another flop on his hands, and they haven’t even started filming yet.

  21. Joyce Hill

    Tom Cruise is obviously in need of some serious counselling if he can see himself as Jack Reacher! I bet a lot of guys wish they had a mirror at home like the one he must have!

  22. Mary Saputo

    Good one, Joyce.

  23. Leigh Lundin

    I’m still grumbling about Robert Downey Jr as Sherlock Holmes (who also admitted he hadn’t read Doyle prior to being cast).

  24. Elyse Dinh-McCrillis

    Go [url=,387.0.html]here[/url] to read what Lee has to say about all this. It’s the first post at the top.

  25. HoustonFans

    My mother, who introduced me to Reacher, just called with this news. Shocking. Appalling. Disappointing. I long ago swore off any Tom Cruise movies. I love, love, love the books but, as those here have stated already, I will not be seeing this movie. We’ve been so excited to know there WOULD be a movie coming out and lots of fun speculating who would fit the bill – Daniel Craig??? – but this in no way fits the image of Reacher. My brother is also crying over this news….our day is ruined.

  26. HoustonFans

    For all who are as disappointed as we are – here is the email address to contact Lee Childs

  27. Mary Saputo

    I have to say that I’m never very excited to hear that one of my favorite books is to be made into a movie. We ALL have what our hero/heroine looks like in our mind’s eye. Reality never fits the bill. They’re also making a movie out of one of Janet Evanovich’s books. Katherine Heigl is set to play Stephanie Plum. In my mind, another miscasting. I think I’ll just stick to the books and not have them ruined by what Hollywood thinks.

  28. NOLAFrank

    I actually like Tom Cruise–think he’s a great actor, but he’s not Jack Reacher. I just can’t imagine Parmount alienating the millions of Reacher fans with this casting decision who would’ve stood in line to see Hugh Jackman or “The Rock” or even some intimidating newcomer in the role. Reacher is 6’5″ and his weight fluctuates around 240–his stature is his trademark and what makes him such an imposing and fearsome character.

    I’ve bought every Reacher book and not only does this turn me against the film, i’m now ambivalent about the next book that’s coming out–I mean how can I imagine Reacher as Tom Cruise? What’s next–Johnny Depp in a remake of Conan the Barbarian?

  29. Mikeripley

    Give Cruise a chance. I bet there were those who brayed at the idea of Alan Ladd playing Shane. Mind you, if Johnny Depp ever does remake Conan the Barbarian, I’d go see it!

  30. Whisper

    Doesn’t matter how good an actor Cruise is he is physically wrong for the role all the special effects in the world can’t make Cruise become Reacher in size and sheer physical intimadation factor you might as well give Peter Dinklage the role if it is just a matter of acting he can look meaner than Cruise can too

  31. Dr. Lewis Preschel

    Just read the Lee Child comments on Cruise as Reacher, see comment 24 from Pop Nerd for the link. Mr. Child has been in the business a long time and can spin it with the best.
    I have been a big Jack Reacher fan in the past. Lee even a great actor cannot physically grow big in the part, ie taller, more muscular, and become a physically presence.
    Just say it like it is. He bought it, and so he can do anything he wants with it. Mr. Cruise owns One Shot. If I’m lucky and keep my mouth shut I get to be a consultant on the film.
    Here’s what we can hope: Just as there have been numerous actors who have played James Bond, so they may be other actors in the future who play Jack Reacher.
    Unfortunately we usually picture the first actor we see in the role as that character forever. I always think of Sean Connery as 007 no matter who else has played the role. That is not a criticism of the actors, but a statement of fact about human nature.
    Therefore, the solution is to just not see this movie with Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher, until you have seen the next Jack Reacher movie with a real he-man in the lead role.
    Oh I’m sorry was I not PC, but I’ve offered an honest solution

    • jon bennett

      Sean Connery was not the first to play Bond

  32. Becky Hantsbarger

    I agree with MadMutt…I will not be seeing this movie. Tom Cruise is NOT Jack Reacher. Not EVEN close. I was already disappointed with Mr. Child and “Worth Dying For” because of his lack of research into life in Nebraska and exactly where Nebraska IS. Now, I’m not sure I’ll be reading any more Reacher novels.

  33. Judith

    Hugh Jackman has my vote! He buffed up nicely for ‘Australia’ and fits my image of Jack Reacher.

  34. Dr. Lewis Preschel

    My friend Arthur says he spoke with Lee Child once about the process of writing his novels. Art reports that Lee does one draft and then put the manuscript through spell check. Once that had corrected typos he sends it to the editors and says “do with it what you need.”
    That seems to be the same attitude he has toward Cruise as Reacher. You bought it, do with it what you want.
    I don’t know if any of this is true as I received it second hand, but Cruise as Reacher? Might as well cast Pewee Herman as Reacher. At least that would be a real comedy.

  35. Aunti Crews

    everyone is riled about the unlikely and even more disappointing choice of tom cruise to play jack reacher in the upcoming One Shot film

  36. Rob Scarlet

    Really think Tom cruise is a good actor, but this role is not a good fit, Hugh jackman, Dwayne Johnson, daniel craig, Alan Carr or even Julian cleary would make more sense!
    Love the books, love the characters, was sooooo excited about seeing the series on the silver screen, now looking forward to a root canal and recovering listening to rain fall in a cemetery whilst counting blades of grass!!

  37. Lew Holden

    Little Tom Cruise cast to play the part of BIG Jack Reacher…!? I don’t doubt that Tom can pull off the mental aspects of the role; after all he’s an accomplished actor and has played somewhat similar roles in the past. But the physical differences are sure to alienate most anyone who has ever read a Reacher novel. Jack is big and can be brutal (when necessary) and is NOT a pretty boy – the diametrical opposites of Tom!
    Since I cannot see the director putting a body suit and stilts on Tom, with this casting blunder we’re to be treated to a Jack Reacher that is shorter than the average American male (and just slightly taller than the average female) and skinny whereas Jack Reacher towers over most crowds and tips the scales at around 250 lbs..
    Yes, the part might come off OK for those who are not familiar with the oft repeated (i.e. every book) physical description of Reacher, but for the loyal fans that have followed Reacher it’s going to be a stretch (no pun intended).
    I think I’ll wait for the DVD to see it on TV so the discrepancies aren’t quite so glaring. I am disappointed that Lee Child apparently thinks so little of his fans…

  38. LB1950


  39. shooters1411

    Tom Cruise shouldn’t play Jack Reacher it is going to ruin the movie for those who read the books like I have.

  40. Josie

    Terrible casting……..I love the Jack Reacher series, and my choice would have been Hugh Jackman….he fits the physical description and the age, not to mention, he is a fantastic actor.

  41. La La

    Tom can play Jack Reacher’s dick. Then they can have someone else take over the real role.

  42. JW

    Jim Caviezel (Person of Interest) would have been a far better casting choice for the Jack Reacher role.

  43. GFerg

    Cruise is a decent actor. He is even a good actor, in his little niche. Little. He can be quite the presence, as seen in Valkyrie. He can not be 6’5. He cannot look right blonde. He will not be an imposing figure on screen. Above all?

    He cannot be the physical representation of CALCULATED BRUTALITY. He will be going into a fight with a smirk and a sarcastic comment. He just doesn’t have it. I respect a good deal of his work. I abhor his decision here, and will not regret righting off this movie as ruin before release.

  44. Big Al

    [color=rgb(0, 0, 0)] [/color]The whole thing about Reacher is he’s a big guy who smashes his way out of any trouble because of his size. Although Cruise is no doubt a talented actor, how could he pull this off. Reacher pushes the driver’s seat back as far as it will go where as Cruise can’t even reach the peddles. Everything about Cruise is wrong for this role. He has the wrong personality, the wrong looks, the wrong size. I am going to watch the movie out of morbid curiosity. I really hope that my perceptions are wrong.
    [color=rgb(0, 0, 0)] [/color]

  45. Mysticriver

    I am sorry but how is Tom Cruise a good fit for Jack Reacher? Jack Reacher is like 6′ 5″ and weights 250lbs. Tom is far from either of those. How about Stone cold Steve Austin, John Cena, or some other humongous dude? Seriously!? SMH

  46. John123

    Jack Reacher as described by Lee Child is 6 ‘4″ build like a linebacker.
    Tom Cruise is like Sheldon in Big Bang Theory

  47. håkan

    since tom cruise is a nervrotic midget , he will not be my first choice. He have one role always and its not fitting here. my choice is patric warburton. he have the right size, good actor and the right temper.
    i guess tom cruise got the role just for his name.

  48. Chris Meyer

    Ha ha, I’ve recently got into the Jack Reacher novels and really enjoy the books, Cruise as Reacher is hilarious so I will not be seeing any movie with him cast in the role. Absolute farce, googled how could he be cast and found this site,

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