What Not to Bring to Court

A very foolish man is in even more hot water after police said he brought marijuana with him to a visit with his probation officer.

Darren Shelley of Connecticut was ordered to check in with his probation officer every month, and had to prove that he wasn't on drugs.

However, Shelley checked in with his probation officer who smelled a funny odor. After a pat-down by Court officials they eventually found  a whopping 19 bags of marijuana in his left sock. D'oh!

At first, Shelley told his probation officer the smell must be from when his brother borrowed the sweatshirt he was wearing. He also told court officials he was “not a fool,” and that he “did not bring drugs into the court.”

Now Shelley is back in jail and he may have to serve his full three-year sentence for the risk of injury to a child case he was originally on probation for.

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