Tom Selleck’s Jesse Stone Returns with Doubt

Tom Selleck as Jesse Stone, police chief of Paradise, Massachusetts
Tom Selleck as Jesse Stone, police chief of Paradise, Massachusetts
The next installment of the Jesse Stone movies airs on CBS Sunday, May 20th. These films—starring and produced by Tom Selleck and based upon the novels by Robert B. Parker—have consistently been fan favorites among book-to-screen TV adaptations. But will Jesse Stone: Benefit of the Doubt be the last one?

According to Jay Bobbin at Zap2it, maybe, and almost certainly at CBS. Selleck explains:

“Bless them, they’ve done eight of these and they always perform far above what’s normally in the time slot, but they are constantly perplexed: ‘We’re not in the two-hour movie business.’ That being said, that’s not the end of Jesse, or at least I don’t think so. There are a lot of other entities, whether cable or even feature films, but this is most likely the last one on CBS. I’m not done with the character, though.”

So, enjoy the next movie (and the trailer below) because there are doubts as to where Jesse will turn up next!


  1. Leigh

    Too bad for CBS. I’ll watch Jesse Stone wherever he is.

  2. Saundra Peck

    Thanks for the early heads up…just set it to record. My hubby LOVES these movies, and we will watch them on whatever channel they move to. Thanks Tom for keeping Jesse going!!!

  3. Lois Karlin

    Thanks for the reminder! I haven’t seen all of these.

  4. Cliff Lemmerhirt

    Jesse Stone are some of the best films I have ever seen. Well written, beautifully filmed and with excellent acting. These movies are high quality entertainment at its best. Mr. Selleck, please make more of these movies. Thanks for everything.

  5. bitsy08

    Now, I could be wrong. God knows that’s never happened before but I “believe” I read where Tom Selleck has even had a hand in writing some of these scripts, too, along with Ace Atkins whom I also read was taking over the writing for Robert B. Parker with the blessings of his wife. With all that going for Jesse, I don’t think we’ll see the end of this character for awhile. I just wish he’d get happy for a change.

  6. Terrie Farley Moran

    @bitsey08, I also read that Selleck has been contributing to writing some of the scripts. And I agree, Jesse is so morose, he needs to lighten up–stop wallowing.

  7. Julia Gerbig

    Please never change your “cop demeanor”, Tom Selleck. Morose? So? A policeman that takes his cases seriously cannot be anything but morose, his character is very disciplined, dedicated and intelligent. What do you want, ladies? A cop who comes whining at your door for a sexual relationship? Robert B. Parker , who created Jesse Stone, was a similar man, faithful, intelligent and totally dedicated to his wife. Selleck is an excellent actor. Best leave him to characterize Jesse, and you enjoy the show. Figure out the mystery, why not leave the production and directing to the men who know it best.

  8. Clare 2e

    If we never evaluated anything made made by professionals, we couldn’t have opinions on much. (And also, we might explode.) You all seem to be saying that he’s a Dour Selleck, or rather, Jesse Stone in this one. I DVRd it, and I’m not going to get one million-dollar smile with twinkling eyes? This I really have to see. If I were helping lead the production and had as much charm as he does, I’d never be able to stop whipping it out : )

  9. JJ Sutton

    I absolutely love these movies! Stories that unfold with a pace that allows you to breathe, think and become part of the plot. Stories that rely on well-defined characters instead of explosions and car chases. These movies have personality, like all old friends do. And Mr Selleck as Jesse is about a perfect a match as could ever be. I’ll keep watching. Wherever and whenever they come back. That doggie deserves at least that!

  10. Anne Christensen

    The dog I love but Tom Selleck has turned into a grouchy old man [perfect to play Jesse Stone I admit] but someone Magnum certainly wouldn’t like. I know I’m going to get killed for this comment as evidently Tom Selleck can do no wrong even as a grouchy old man but this is how I feel.

  11. Mary Saputo

    After watching the show, all I have to say is – THANK GOD he finally petted the dog. Hallelujah! We now have a relationship, people!

  12. Monte Amrine

    The Jesse Stone movies are masterfully done. To me, they are mesmerizing. Let me know when the next one will be aired and on what station.

  13. Liz Mansell

    Tom you are the epitome of Jesse Stone. The films are so laid back and true to Robert Parker’s idea, not all rushing around and shoot em up stuff. Any violence is not “in your face”. I could watch these films every week for the rest of my life. … and as for Reggie, he has the part down to a T .. what a canine star, he has no need to be able to talk. Please please let us have more and more Jessie Stone films. Same with Bob Urich and the Spenser films.

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