TNT Mystery Movie Night: 4 Down, You Up for a Killer?

Lisa Gardner at the TNT Mystery Movie Night Panel
Lisa Gardner answers the dreaded *where do you get your ideas?*
By now, TNT Mystery Movie Night has aired four of their first six original movies.  We have seen mixed reactions from out crowd, many of whom read the original books on which these movies were based, but everyone seems to agree that the format is worth keeping.

Everyone has their favorites, of course, but to this point I have to say I liked Hide best, if for no other reason than the creepy pit and the fact that I like the actress who played Annabelle. Actually both this weeks’ offerings carried me along better than the first two. I felt more strongly for Richard North Patterson’s than I did for Scott Turow’s in similar situations. So that’s positive, right?  At least, in my opinion, the movies are getting better.

Next up is April Smith’s Good Morning, Killer, and anyone who’s read the book can tell you it’s a kind of noir you rarely see on TV.  We’ll have more deets and interviews, of course, but where’s your head at so far?


  1. Steve Oerkfitz

    The only one I have seen so far is Silent Witness which I thought terrible. Poor script, poor direction. No better than a average episode of a mediocre tv show. I had the same problem with USA networks John Sandford tv movie.

  2. Saundra Peck

    This week was the best so far…but no matter what I will keep watching!!!

  3. Mary Saputo

    Didn’t like the first 2. Really enjoyed the next 2. Well acted and good stories by good authors. Not to say Scott Turow isn’t a good writer but the acting wasn’t top notch.

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