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August 2 2016

The Killer Inside My Holiday

Read this exclusive guest post from Kate Horsley, author of The American Girl, about the thrill of traveling to strange and foreign places and how that creates the perfect setting for crime...
July 26 2016

Dangers on a Train: The Narrow Margin, 1952 and 1990

Despite their obvious limitations, trains make great settings for movies.  Think of North by Northwest, where the wrongly charged and hunted Roger Thornhill (Cary Grant) successfully hides...
May 2 2016

Q&A with Dan Newman, Author of The Clearing

Dan Newman spent most of his life traveling and writing. Now, fortunately for us, some of those travels have made it to the page in Dan's first novel, The Clearing. Read about how Dan began...
October 14 2014

Cremains of the Day: .....In....Spaaaaace!

If not space, the stratosphere at least. A company founded by people with a “background in aerospace engineering and satellites” is now offering to release your beloved's ashes from...
August 11 2014

Almost 80 Years of Infamy: We Blame You, Oklahoma City!

On a hot August day in 1935, Reverend Charles H. North of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma's Third Pentecostal Holiness Church drove his car downtown and parked at a spot in front of a new-fangled device...
July 13 2014

From Page to Screen with 4:50 From Paddington: Is the Book Always Better?

I read the Agatha Christie's book version of 4:50 From Paddington way before I saw the TV-movie, directed by Martyn Friend. I was most likely in my late teens or early twenties when I read...
March 17 2014

Helpful Tourist Joins Search Party Looking For...Herself?

A change of clothes really can make you feel like a new woman. According to the Toronto Sun: [During a guided tour's rest stop] One of the women on the bus left to change her clothes and...
January 15 2014

What Were You Saying About “Survival of the Fittest”?

We’re intrigued by what we’re hearing about The Galapagos Affair:  Satan Came to Eden, a documentary that sounds like a classic whodunit in 1930s fashion—except for the fact that...
May 25 2013

I Spy…Someone Reading a Great Book

May is Get Caught Reading Month, an annual event sponsored by the Association of American Publishers to encourage Americans to pick up a book and read. (Like we need encouragement.) Naturally, the best...
March 26 2013

Watching the Detectives in a Pair of Shorts

Ah, the (not very) glamorous lives of private eyes! UK filmmaker Tom Betts has created two cool and tiny flicks. He stars as the toiling P.I. of “Dream Job” while Des Yankson plays shamus...
October 11 2012

Fresh Meat: The Witch of Babylon by D.J. McIntosh

The Witch of Babylon by D.J. McIntosh is the first thriller in the Mesopotamian Trilogy and was the winner of the Crime Writers of Canada Arthur Ellis Award for best unpublished novel (available October...
June 6 2012

Traffic Jams on Everest: Road Rage Served Ice Cold

This tight, snaking line of climbers is making a single-file ascent to the summit of Mt. Everest in late May, a period during which four climbers died. Unbelievable images like this, taken by a climber...
May 29 2012

Fresh Meat: Killer’s Island by Anna Jansson

Killer’s Island is the English language debut of Anna Jansson’s Detective Inspector Maria Wern's police procedurals, beginning with Book 7 in the long-running Swedish series (available...
May 25 2012

Solve this Photo Mystery for the Underground New York Public Library

If you read on the subway, you may have unknowingly entered the Underground New York Public Library or UNYPL. The website of street photographer Ourit Ben-Haim (who gave us permission to reproduce...
May 23 2012

Naked Bicyclists, Drippy Showers, and the Perils of Planless Peregrination

When it comes to travel, I’ve always been a bit of a planner. Okay, I’ve always been a giant, monster-size devour-the-world sort of planner. Picture Godzilla with a day organizer, and you’ve pretty...
February 15 2012

Monument Valley: More Than Just a Western Set

Driving up US 163, one watches the landscape gradually flatten and turn sandstone red. The Navajo Nation—the largest Native American reservation in America, occupying good-sized chunks of northeastern...
October 6 2011

Times Square Goes Noir: The City that Never Sleeps Meets The Big Sleep

When I say “The City that Never Sleeps” what genre do you immediately think of? If you said “Noir,” then you agree with the current design team working with New York City in...
September 21 2011

Traveling Japan In Mysterious Fashion

Go to a random bookstore in Japan and you’ll quickly find the section with travel guides. Domestic travel guides. From the southern islands of Okinawa to the northern Hokkaido, every area in Japan...
September 1 2011

Do Not Disturb: Hotels for Crime and Writing

Hotels all over the world play their electrifying part in crime stories. Agatha Christie, for example, liked hotels.  The mistress of crime penned Hercule Poirot’s adventure Murder on the...
August 8 2011

Finding Sherlock: My Tour of London

“It is a hobby of mine to have an exact knowledge of London.”                                             ...
August 3 2011

Georgia’s Crime and Punishment Museum

Originally built in 1906, this brick building in Ashburn, Georgia was used as a prison until 1993.   The sheriff lived with his family on the ground floor with prisoners upstairs, leading to...
July 18 2011

Fresh Meat: P.J. Parrish’s The Killing Song

A while back, Jason Goodwin wrote a post here on Criminal Element about crime fiction as travel writing. He concentrated on series authors, who have the space to go into detail on various cities, but...
June 1 2011

Crime Fiction is the New Travel Writing

It’s beginning to look as though some of the best travel writing today is being wedged in between the flimsy covers of crime novels. I wish I had a pound for everyone who went to Istanbul because...
Leslie Gilbert Elman
May 25 2011

A Touch of Dutch

I have found the world’s most beautiful bookstore.  I don’t say this lightly, and I am well aware that everyone has his or her favorite, but I will not accept any arguments...