Cremains of the Day: …..In….Spaaaaace!

If not space, the stratosphere at least. A company founded by people with a “background in aerospace engineering and satellites” is now offering to release your beloved's ashes from 20 miles above the earth with a weather balloon, also to film it for your later memories. Here's Mesoloft's promo video:

According to the Huffington Post:

The ashes return to Earth as dust or, possibly, in raindrops or snowflakes. The entire flight is captured for posterity on two GoPro cameras that are attached to the balloon and the payload holding the ashes. The shroud that carries the urn can be kept as a souvenir, according to Mesoloft co-founder Chris Winfield…

Winfield said the balloons and the payloads stay in the air for about two hours and the company ensures they land in a five-mile radius of where they took flight.

The company also has to send out a notice to pilots to make sure planes don't bump into the funeral balloons.

Read it all and adjust your final documents accordingly.

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