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November 9 2016

5 New Books to Read this Week: November 8, 2016

Every Wednesday, we here at Criminal Element will put together a list of Staff Picks of the books that published the day before—sharing the ones that we are looking forward to reading the...
October 4 2016

Q&A with Allen Eskens, Author of The Heavens May Fall

Allen Eskens is a criminal defense attorney and the author of The Heavens May Fall. (Available today!) With a schedule like that, it seems like it'd be hard to do anything else, but Allen...
February 21 2015

Fresh Meat: Mightier than the Sword by Jeffrey Archer

Mightier than the Sword by Jeffrey Archer is the fifth installment in The Clifton Chronicles (available February 24, 2015). This is Jeffrey Archer’s fifth entry in the Clifton Chronicles and...
January 20 2015

Now Win This!: 3x3 Sweepstakes

The best things in life come in threes, and this sweepstakes proves it with a contemporary high-tech Swedish trilogy, three of the Clifton Chronicles, set in the U.K. in the aftermath of WWI, and...
July 2 2013

Fresh Meat: The Eleventh Commandment by Jeffrey Archer

The Eleventh Commandment by Jeffrey Archer is an espionage thriller about a retiring CIA operative who finds himself at war with cartels, the Russians, and even his agency (available in new U.S. reprint...
April 28 2013

The Appeal of the Heist

Heists are a staple of the crime genre. Who doesn’t love stories like Ocean’s 11, The Italian Job, or even A Fish Called Wanda? But, unlike murder and other crimes, heists are crimes we...
March 27 2013

Fresh Meat: Best Kept Secret by Jeffrey Archer

Best Kept Secret by Jeffrey Archer is the third book in the Clifton Chronicles series (available April 30, 2013). Most of the time when someone finds himself involved in a lawsuit, he wants to come...