Stalking Jo Nesbo’s Headhunters

First, I love that in Norway, this clip may be a Teasertrailer, which is way more euphonic than simply “trailer,” a word as dull as a corregated metal cart furnished with formica. Next, it’s based upon Jo Nesbo’s just-released novel Headhunters, or Hodejegerne, which isn’t part of the Harry Hole series, but a stand-alone caper.

Following the novel’s description, Roger Brown (Aksel Hennie) is an accomplished corporate headhunter. But that career can’t support his luxurious lifestyle and his wife’s fledgling gallery, so he dabbles in art theft. One night he meets Clas Greve (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau), who mentions he’s inherited a priceless Rubens painting lost since WWII.  What Greve doesn’t disclose is that he’s a former mercenary, a definite complication once Brown breaks into his apartment. . . 

Words like zany, outrageous, and brilliant are being used about the book. I have no idea what words might be used in the movie, because it doesn’t appear to be subtitled yet.  But I’ll stalk on looks alone, won’t you?

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