Old Men Who Break Bad

All they needed was a cool hat and a fancy name.
All they needed was a cool hat and a fancy name.
We all know an old guy that says or does things a little behind the times. Maybe, he slips out a slur or two that just aren’t said in polite company anymore? I mean, he comes from a different time, right? Can’t really hold him accountable for not moving forward with the rest of us “young’uns,” right? Well. . .

So what happens when your grandpa gets together with a group of his war buddies and decides to go full-on poison cloud all over the federal highway? That’s kind of what happened in Georgia.

Four men, aged 65 to 73, were arrested by U.S. authorities for having a hit list of government officials, employees, and corporate leaders, a kind of nefarious bucket list. Basing their plan off the plot of an independently published book titled, Absolved, they had planned on buying and processing ten pounds of ricin that would be used along with explosives in various cities across the countries.

Personally, if I were to have a scary criminal granddad, I would hope he would pull a Heisenberg and just cook meth all day in the desert, but I suppose one that said he “could shoot ATF and IRS all day long” is just as interesting…but only if there was an equally cool hat involved.

Hat Tip Daily Mail


  1. Saundra Peck

    My dear old PaPaw went into a nursing home in his eighties and every day put on his old world war army uniform to stroll the halls and talk to “the ladies”…young and old. It was very sweet to me, but he freaked out my children when he talked to plants, thinking they were his old dogs. Bucket list…I hope Papaw had his all checked off. He did still look fine in his uniform! It has been nearly 10 years since he passed, and I miss him everyday. I hope these men are fully evaluated, because who knows what this really means…their bucket list could be a medical problem.

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