Naked Leaf Blowing Man Arrested

Massachusetts police arrested a homeowner for “open and gross lewdness” after he was witnessed doing weekend yard work completely naked. Sounds painful for all involved, doesn't it?

69 year old Richard Capra of Shrewsbury was using his trusty leaf blower by the curb of his house when passing cars began slowing down to photograph the very strange sight. An officer responded to the many 911 calls that were pouring in, and saw Capra in his birthday suit, causally blowing off his driveway with a leaf blower without a care in the world.

In addition to his nude landscaping, Capra was also drunk and belligerent to police when they arrived at the scene. The suspect was given clothing before he was placed in a patrol car.

The man was arrested on a misdemeanor charge and was later released from police custody after posting $500 bail.

Capra is scheduled to appear in Westboro District Court on August 15.

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