Naked Couple Helps Police Bust Meth Dealer

An alleged meth dealer was arrested after police responded to reports of a couple of naked people running around causing an uproar in Trinity, Texas.

At 6AM the Trinity Sheriff's office received a phone call regarding a naked woman who was banging on a resident's door. Responding deputies were not able find anyone when they arrived at the scene.

However, an hour later a second call was received and the deputies began yet another search. This time, authorities discovered a naked woman perched high in a tree. Deputies were able to talk the woman down and clothed her.

During this time, a third call was received, but this one was a report of a naked man knocking on doors. Thankfully police quickly located the man nearby.

During the interviews, the intoxicated couple told police they did not have a name of their meth dealer, but had been texting a number in an effort to locate him. Sheriff Woody Wallace then set up a buy bust through the phone at the naked couple's home.

At about 2 p.m., Jacob Walker, 42, of Trinity, showed up with the meth and was arrested and booked into the Trinity County Jail on $20,000 bond.

The naked duo was not charged after cooperating with officials.

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