Justified’s Back! Unholster Nick Searcy’s Acting School!

Nick Searcy, Peabody-winning character acter and gift to screens large and smallAre you as revved as we are about the return of Justified tonight?! Season 4 starts tonight on FX, and we are warming up for the action with a prep class at the incredible Nick Searcy’s Acting School. Thanks to the interweebs, aspiring actors no longer have to bum gas money for a movement class at a condemned Jack in the Box. The actor who manifests Chief Deputy U.S. Marshal Art Mullen will transmit everything you really need to know. Watch and learn, ye n00bs who are not yet national acting treasures. And everyone else, stay tuned for a hatless cameo that’s divine and a dance number that’s indescribable.

As if that weren’t enough—after all this world’s leeches have tried to steal from him—International Film & TV Star Nick Searcy is giving until it hurts. More five-minute doses of insight will help aspiring actors manage “Down Time,” the dreaded “Family Time,” and “Workout Time.” But you knew that.


  1. Terrie Farley Moran


  2. Clare 2e

    Me, too!

  3. Mary Saputo

    OMG, Clare. Thank you for telling me Justified started tonight. I just got back from my Italian class and saw your article and freaked. Thankfully, it’s still one hour before it starts. Che dio vi benedica!

  4. Clare 2e

    Whew! Of course, they do an encore broadcast, too, just in case!

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