Hi Ho Silver! First Photo from The Lone Ranger Revealed

Arnie Hammer and Johnny Depp in The Lone Ranger

You may ask, upon seeing the above picture, “why is Captain Jack Sparrow wearing a crow on his head?” You wouldn’t be the first. But although that’s Johnny Depp in a crazy getup, he’s not playing Captain Jack. No, this is the first picture released from the forthcoming Lone Ranger movie.  It’s pretty wild, but over the years both the Lone Ranger and Tonto have changed quite a bit. If you have only one image in mind, check out this slideshow of their appearances through time from The Hollywood Reporter.


  1. Deborah Lacy

    Maybe they should have called this Tonto Revealed. From this photo and the casting choices it looks like Tonto is the real star.

  2. Nora-Adrienne Deret

    Uhhhhhhhhhh all that link does is send us to another page of Criminal Elements.. NOT to The Hollywood Reporter..

  3. Clare 2e

    Sorry- Fixed!

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