Funeral Crashers: Woman Shows up to Her Own Funeral

Ghosts may not be real in the paranormal sense of a spirit world interacting with our own—however, they are real in the literal sense, when the woman that you paid to have murdered shows up to greet you at her own funeral.

Today, The Washington Post reported the story of Noela Rukundo—a woman of African descent from the country of Burundi, now living in Melbourne, Australia.

Almost exactly a year ago, her husband of 11 years had paid to have her kidnapped and murdered in the capital city of Bujumbura in Burundi, after they had flown back to attend the funeral of Noel’s stepmother. However, thanks to circumstance and some principled hitmen, things didn’t go exactly as planned.

Rukundo was kidnapped, blindfolded, and tied to a chair in a building somewhere far away from the hotel she was staying at. When she came to, she was horrified to hear the voice of her husband and father of her children on the other end of a phone utter the phrase, “Kill her.”

But, luck be a lady, because the kidnappers revealed that they had no plans of killing Noel—they didn’t believe in killing women. What they did believe in was punishing men who did; they were going to keep the money for the hit, but allow Noel to live and return to Australia to tell her tale.

So, with the help of several international embassies and her pastor in Melbourne, she was able to return to her home to exact her revenge. On February 22, 2015, after the final mourners had left, Rukundo approached her husband at their family home to tell him the good news.  She remembers him saying:

“Is it a ghost?”

Not quite. But close enough. 


Read the full story here


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