Fake It Till You Make It—Lunch That Is…

He has real management potential...
He has real management potential…
Why is this guy smiling?

Well that is a very good question. It could be the fact that he has just finished a delectable meal at Denny’s. It could be that he is the new district manager of a Denny’s chain. It even could be that he just finished a fine, self-cooked hamburger with a heap of french fries. Or it could be that he is a dope head, we may never know.

Actually it is probably the latter. The man is James Summers, and the 52-year-old man recently paid a special visit to his local Denny’s. Walking into the restaurant armed with a briefcase and suite, he brazenly claimed to be the new manager of the restaurant and said he was starting immediately.

What about the current manager you ask? Well after sharing a brief disagreement with Summers on the legitimacy of authority, she began working the corporate chain to find out more. Meanwhile, ol’ James began cookin’ up a cheeseburger and fries in the kitchen. Of course this is when the manager called 911.

In the end, Summers went peacefully into custody. The police did find a stun gun and two crack pipes on his person. He was charged with fraud, possession of an electric weapon, disorderly conduct, and possession of drug paraphernalia.  Other than Summers’s audacity moxy, I find the fact that he made it ¾ of the way through his meal  before the cops took him away quite impressive.

Anyone else craving a hamburger now? Think I’ve found a way to get one on the cheap…

Hat tip: MSNBC


  1. Dan Totten

    Seems like a real go-getter to me. Denny’s would do well to bring on some managers like him.

  2. Christopher Morgan

    I feel that he screwed up when he started making the burger himself. A real manager would have just said, “Go ahead and make me a burger, I’ll be out front with the customers”. Live and learn I guess.

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