Do You Have an Alibi?

Everything’s for sale. Even an alibi. Just ask the folks at They offer an absolutely astonishing array of services, including

Toll free or local virtual hotel number answered by a virtual front desk clerk 24 hours a day. The operator will greet a caller with the appropriate hotel greeting message and will handle the call according to the instructions. Available worldwide to help you hide your discreet relationships.

And what else might you hide?


  1. Ben Solomon

    I tried calling the CEO for a comment, but…

  2. Laura K. Curtis

    *snort* Good one, Ben

  3. Saundra Peck

    Damn…wish I had thought of this one! Easy money, and it would be so easy for me to expand the business, as I have a really good imagination and am a good liar (retired cop!!!). Sigh.

  4. Clare 2e

    It’s never too late, @sk1336, where there’s strong demand! How about

  5. Anne - Le French Book

    Reminds me of a French magbook about crime and crime fiction called Alibi. It’s subtitle is “Everyone needs one some time.”

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