Woman Sneaks onto International Flight … Again

Marilyn Hartman | Cook County sheriff’s office

Marilyn Hartman used to think that she could not go on. Just idly going about life like it was nothing but an awful song. But some people are just meant for traveling—like it was the meaning of true love. So she reached out to the open sky and its everlasting arms.

The 66-year-old Grayslake woman with a history of trying to sneak onto airline flights once again slipped past security and flew from O’Hare International Airport to London.

You might think: How? But TSA agents are people, and people get distracted. If she could see it, then she could do it. And if you act like you belong, you can do anything. If you believe it, there’s nothing to it…

I believe she can fly. Woooo!
I believe she can touch the sky.
She thinks about it every night and day.
Sneak on a plane and fly away.

Sorry. According to CBS Chicago, Marilyn Hartman slipped past a distracted TSA agent at O’Hare International Airport, made her way to the international terminal, slipped her way past a busy gate agent, and boarded a British Airways flight to London. Once on the flight, she hid in the bathroom and then found an empty seat after takeoff.

However, unable to produce a passport at Heathrow Airport, Hartman was sent back to O’Hare where she was charged with “one misdemeanor count of criminal trespass and one felony count of theft greater than $500.”

Exclusive interview with Marilyn Hartman!


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    I always forget that R. Kelly sings that song. Too funny…

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