David Suchet to Complete Poirot’s Magnum Opus

David Suchet as Hercule PoirotDoes Poirot look a bit pleased with himself? He usually does, but perhaps especially since, via UK Telly Surfer, we learn that ITV has commissioned another 5 Poirot adventures, Labours of Hercules, Dead Man’s Folly, The Big Four, Elephants Can Remember, and Curtain. Actor David Suchet, who epitomizes the role of Agatha Christie’s creation for many of us, has said that he’d like to film all of the stories featuring the Belgian detective. Correct us if required, but that’s 33 novels and 51 short stories, and this next set will complete Suchet’s journey through Poirot’s bibliography.

But don’t worry, Miss Marple fans, because they’ve also signed up to film 3 more of her adventures, starring Julia McKenzie, next year, to include  A Caribbean Mystery, Endless Night, and The Seven Dials Mystery.

We have to believe once the episodes exist, it’s only a matter of time before they air here, n’est-ce pas?


  1. Deborah Lacy

    I do love Poirot and I am excited about the next episodes. It’s fitting that David Suchet is seeing this through then end.

  2. John Murphy

    Huh. I’ve been looking forward to Suchet’s version of Curtain for a long time, so I’m delighted to see that it’s being made. But I was never a fan of The Big Four, and while I can see doing it for the sake of completionism, it was kind of a ridiculous book. I guess they’ve taken plenty of liberties with other stories, though, so maybe they can whip that one into shape. Also, I wonder whether trying to do Labours in one movie will wind up giving short shrift to the twelve very different stories in it.

    Still! More Poirot movies by Suchet is probably a good thing, all told.

  3. courtneyflats

    Glad to hear about David Suchet and Hercule Poirot but really Miss Marple and Endless Night and Seven Dials — please, please not more inserting Miss Marple in non-Marple works.

  4. R S

    Suchet epitomizes the inimitable Poirot and this is wonderful news indeed! I look forward to one day being able to see all these performances of his.

  5. Drew


    My local PBS station finally aired the Final Four Poirot films. I was hesitant to watch “Curtain,” knowing the outcome and for that reason I have never read the novel. I could not resist, however, and watched the curtain fall on the Poirot canon. As a production it was as first class as the others; as a story, provocative. However, I have to say I did not like it and I am disappointed that Agatha took this route to close her stories about Hercule Poirot. It wasn’t his death that put me off, it was that he
    {SPOILER ALERT} commits a grievous crime–the one he has dedicated his life to investigating. I just don’t think Poirot, particularly a Catholic Poirot, would do such a thing. Agatha took some chances (“Ackroyd,” “Mousetrap” are perfect examples), but I think she went too far this time. Well, at least we didn’t witness Jane Marple slipping some arsenic in someone’s tea.

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