Cross-Dressing: Tyler Perry Cast in I, Alex Cross

But will Alex be able to move as well in a dress?
Tyler Perry: But will Alex Cross be able to move as well in a dress?
Now, we’re not ones to malign Hollywood casting of popular detectives (no, wait, we are—see Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher), but never mind that now.

I, Alex Cross, based on James Patterson’s book of the same name, is being cast now, and already on-board as the titular character is Tyler Perry. Now while this isn’t as egregious casting as Cruise playing Reacher, it seems unlikely that Perry—who’s made a career out of cross-dressing, lowercase c—can achieve the same gravitas that Morgan Freeman did in earlier iterations of the character.

On the other hand, there is some seriously good talent cast alongside Perry: John C. McGinley, who played Scrubs’s irascible doctor, has just been signed on to play the chief of police. Also cast are Matthew Fox (Lost), Jean Reno (Ronin, La Femme Nikita), and Giancarlo Esposito (Breaking Bad, Homicide). Production will begin this month, and it will hit theaters in 2012.

Previously, there were rumors that Idris Elba (Luther) would take on the role of Patterson’s iconic detective, which sounds like a much better choice. But we’re not Hollywood casting agents. (Then again, shouldn’t there be a fantasy league for this?!)

What’s the worst example of book-to-film/TV casting you’ve noticed?


  1. Omnimystery News

    We don’t think that the film I, Alex Cross is based in any way on the book I, Alex Cross. Rather, the film’s plot summary is much closer to the book synopsis of Cross. Our guess is that somewhere along the line — Idris Elba was once attached a film adaptation of Cross — the producers thought that I, Alex Cross was a better title, possibly not realizing that it was also the title of a very different book!

  2. Megan Frampton

    @Omnimystery News: Oh, that’s interesting! So in that case, does Perry make a better fit as Cross in what you think is basically the film adaptation of Cross?

  3. Omnimystery News

    Oh no! I think Perry is totally wrong for the part, regardless of source material. I was excited when I heard Idris Elba was being talked about as Alex Cross, but when Perry’s name was confirmed, I was as shocked — and disappointed — as everyone else seems to be.

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