Cannon-Propelled Weed!

Confetti Cannon with weed
That’s not confetti…
According to Reuters, Mexican marijuana smugglers are using cannons to get their product across the border. No, not by shooting border patrol agents, but by stuffing canisters filled with drugs into the cannons and firing them into Arizona.

The report says:

Mexican smugglers used a pneumatic-powered cannon to propel cans packed with 85 pounds (38kg) of marijuana into the air and over a fence at the Mexican border near San Luis, Arizona, authorities said on Wednesday.

“We haven’t seen this before,” said Kyle Estes, a U.S. Border Patrol spokesman. “We’ve seen catapults, but nothing like this. That’s for sure.”

He estimated the marijuana’s value at $42,500.

We would have to call that use non-canonical.

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