Burglar Takes a Nap on Victim’s Couch

A sleepy Florida man has been charged with breaking into a home and then taking a nap on the living room couch.

Sarasota police were called to a house after a victim claimed she woke up and found a stranger sleeping on her couch in the living room, according to ABC News.

The homeowner asked who he was and why he was sleeping on her couch, which prompted the intruder to apologize and quickly flee the scene.

Police believe the man was able to get into the house by walking through an unlocked sliding glass door in the back of the house. He apparently made off with the victim’s personal checks, credit and debit cards, and driver’s license.

The suspect, Timothy Bontrager, 29, was caught shortly after the incident and is now being held at the Sarasota County jail on $25,000 bond.