Jan 22 2013 10:30am

Did You Watch The Following with James Purefoy and Kevin Bacon?

As you may or may not remember, back in November, I had a chance to watch the pilot of The Following with eye candy (and, not incidentally, excellent actors) James Purefoy and Kevin Bacon. I had mixed feelings about the pilot (put on your psychic hat and read my thoughts), but at the time so few people had seen it that I had no one to discuss it with.

I imagine that many of you in our audience did catch the pilot last night, however, so I am anxious to hear your thoughts. Let’s talk!

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1. Laurie
I watched the following last night, and was kinda surprised I enjoyed it (not a big fan of Kevin Bacon). I look forward to seeing how it plays out and if the writers can keep it fresh and interesting, rather than falling into the predictable and/or gross.
2. chris v
I started watching it as it looked good. That lady getting up and stabbing herself was a shock but the dogs.... no no no! That was it for me. Turned it off.
evan white
3. evan
"Disgusgting" is what I have to say.
And, I've written Fox to say so. I don't go for sadism. Especially in prime time. What has happened to this nation???

Will not watch it! I hope it fails. With a huge thud!
Caryn Stardancer
4. cstardancer
Started watching. Do like Kevin Bacon, but the plot seemed derivative (Criminal Minds with a burned-out "hero"), although I understand the cult-following of the title promises to bring surprises. However, the prurient gore turned me OFF! I prefer plot to sensationalism, especially given the rising tide of violence in our country. Spare me. Will NOT watch and I, too, hope it fails.
Karen Cherubino
5. kcherubtx
I watched The Following last night, although it was unplanned. I like things darker and grittier, so I did like the program and will probably watch it again. I thought the acting was amazing.
Saundra Peck
6. sk1336
Only Kevin Bacon could make me watch a show on FOX.... I also like dark and gritty, and really like the twists. I thought it was really good, and found it no more gory than anything is these days.
Allison Brennan
7. Allison_Brennan
I really, really liked the pilot. I didn't find the violence gratuitous. I thought it was smartly written, well-acted, and intense. If they can keep up that intensity, I will be very happy. I heard it was a short season, 15 episodes, which I think is perfect. A lot of my favorite shows have short seasons (Justified, Longmire, American Horror Story, etc.) I think they can sustain the quality, and even take it up a notch.

I think I've already figured out a couple things, however. I'm pretty certain there's a "follower" on the FBI team hunting Carroll, and I'm 95% certain I know who it is.

I didn't like Natalie Zea in JUSTIFIED -- but it was her character. I like her better here. But what is it about her being a married woman and cheating on her husband? Okay, I understand cheating on a serial killer ... but on Raylan? ;)
evan white
8. evan
This series is despicable. I really, really hated it.

How low the morality of our nation has become to glorify sadistic treatment of people and animals and consider it "entertainment". I fear for the future of this country if this is the arbiter of what constitutes what is acceptable....that it's amusing? Hot new idea: Why not bring on the death games of Rome?
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