Before the Cape: Fox’s Gotham Provides Batman Origin Story

A young Bruce Wayne as depicted in Dark Knight
It’s a sad beginning for Bruce, but one that leads to a great story.
In Fox's winter press tour, chairman Kevin Reilly revealed some information about the Batman show, Gotham, that made headlines a few months ago. While the show has no official premiere date, yet—but slotted for the 2014-2015 season—we now know that it will follow a young Bruce Wayne as he makes the journey from orphaned 12-year-old to The Caped Crusader. Reilly also let slip that some classic villains will be featured in the show, including The Riddler, Catwoman, and, of course, The Joker.

The idea of the origin story is not a new one in the past year. A&E also dove into the origin story idea with its eery look at a young Norma Bates in The Bates Motel. No matter what the plan turns out to be for the show, we're already excited for the series finale, as Reilly gave us one last hint: “The final episode of the series will be Bruce Wayne putting on the cape.”

What origin stories would you love to see on TV or film? What are some of your favorite origin stories that you read or watched?

Hat tip to Yahoo! TV for the information.


  1. Joe Brosnan

    This is a risky move by Fox. The part everyone is going to be waiting for is the moment Bruce Wayne puts on the cape. If that’s the last scene of the series, it might not feel like it’s enough.

    Also interesting to see how they incorporate the villains into the story pre-Batman. Maybe an origin story for them as well? However they do it, I’m excited.

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