You May Make It, But Will They Come? Robocop Remake Cast.

Robocop…what will this incarnation bring?
The next 80s movie up for remake is Robocop. While I really enjoyed the original, the sequels were…well…awful. And the original (unlike the original Die Hard), hadn’t held up so well over the years. I suspect that’s because we’re all more accustomed to technology than we were in 1987 when the original movie was released.

MGM has been playing around with the idea of a Robocop reboot for quite some time, and rumors have abounded about what they were planning. But once they’d hired a screenwriter (Nick Schenk) and a director (Jose Padilha), it seemed they were finally going to actual do it. And now comes the news that they’ve cast Joel Kinnaman, known to Criminal Element readers from The Killing, in the lead role, so it looks as if the project is a go.

What say you, readers?


  1. Christopher Morgan

    I loved Robocop. See, of all the crazy scifi predictions of the past, I think that a privatized police force is more than possible. The problem with the cyberpunk and cyber noir movements of the 90s, see Hackers, is that mostly that kind of future all ready has come about. Not much fun. But Ol’ Muph and the Detroit PD are still very much a possible future for some of our cities.

    I’m hoping they don’t pull any punches with Murphy’s murder and don’t change his look too much. He is just to much of an icon to alter the costuming.

  2. Laura K. Curtis

    Yeah, I totally loved the original. I am a little afraid of the remake because the original was so awesome when it was released. You know the new one will have a lot more technology.

  3. Trent

    What say I? I say you’re nuts to write that the original hasn’t held up so well! It holds up beautifully. It’s a perfect film, beautifully scripted, fantastically acted, and brilliantly directed. Watched it for about the tenth time just a couple of months ago. My esteem for it grows with each viewing.

    What say I about the remake? Terrible, terrible idea. The odds of it not stinking like the sequels are next to none. They caught lightning in a bottle with RoboCop, and they won’t be able to do it again.

  4. Albert Tucher

    Echoing emorgan, in 1987 the concept of privatizing police was sufficiently over the top to shock. Now it’s routine. We have privatized war-making and incarceration, and nothing is beyond the reach of the profit motive.

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