Will 13 Be Lucky For Daniel Stamm?

13: The Game of Death a classic cult horror-thriller from ThailandThe next project for Daniel Stamm, who directed The Last Exorcism, is a remake of the Thai thriller 13: The Game of Death. (Why can Hollywood never write anything new? That’s the biggest mystery of all!)

The US title for the moment is merely 13. The game, however, is central to the concept of the film, which follows a man who believes himself to be on a reality-show-style game show where he has to complete 13 tasks in order to win millions of dollars. It’s sort of like a fairy tale gone horribly, horrifically wrong.

Of course, that’s the Thai film, and it’s hard to know what will happen once it’s re-written for American audiences. Stamm and his partner, David Birke, are working on the rewrite now and hope to have the movie in production in early 2012. We’ll keep you updated!

[It’s worth noting that this is not the 13 which is a remake of a Czech film—also with game elements—and starring Jason Statham, Alexander Skarsgård, Mickey Rourke, et al.]


(Hat tip: deadline.com)