Why is America so Robophobic?: New Trailer for RoboCop

The original RoboCop was truly a product of its time. A failing, irredeemable, crime ridden major American city, in this instance Detroit (oddly prophetic, that), is apparently saved by a well-intentioned private organization. Promising a police force that never tires, never stops, and won't let you down like normal cops. And it is looking like the new version is just as much a product of our time.

Our new Murphy (Joel Kinnaman) is, again, a family man. But this time he isn't gunned down in an abandoned warehouse by gang members while his partner watches; he is blown up by some faceless car bomb in front of his house. OmniCorp doesn't build RoboCop because humans aren't good enough to keep the streets clean; they build him to sell the idea of computers policing our streets. I'll admit, I was hesitant about this whole thing to start with, but the more I see of the film the more interested I am. What about you?

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