Which Slasher Film Killer Are You?

Slasher films have created some of the world's most recognizable monsters. From Michael Myers to Jason Voorhees, these monsters were especially scary because, unlike Godzilla or other creature feature folklore, they were undeniably real. Serial killers exist, and they do hunt, torture, and stab their victims.

While the slasher film genre has its own criteria, each villainous monster exudes their own unique characteristics. And if you were to stalk around with a large knife, killing at will, which slasher would YOU most closely resemble?

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  1. Melissa Keith

    Freddy Krueger….lol! I was hoping for Norman Bates. Yes? Mother?

  2. Josephine

    i got Micheal Myers but I don’t think that it will be me…

  3. austin

    im michael myers mutha****azzz

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