We’ll Have The Glades a While Long-er

Sunny with a Chance of Homicide! Or Resurrection!
After a second season of growth for a little-crime-show-that-could, now The Glades is A&E’s “flagship” which has just been renewed for a 3rd season, according to Deadline

That means Kiele Sanchez will be back as Callie, an R.N. on-track to make M.D. with a personal life complicated by an estranged husband in the penal system, and Matt Passmore will return as the detective always willing to laugh at his own jokes, Jim Longworth.

We’ll just have to practice, so as not to get tongue-tripped by Walt Longmire in the fall.  Or, since they’re renewing Breakout Kings, too, maybe they could just change character Lloyd Lowery to Long Longry and make it easier all around.


  1. Randy Johnson

    Some good news. Thanks! After hearing MEMPHIS BLUES was gone, this is a releif.

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