Trailer: I Am Not a Serial Killer

Imagine two hours of the show Dexter, except the killer struggling to suppress his violent tendencies isn't comedically likable and, instead, is a teenager in a sleepy Midwestern town in a movie deemed too dark for general audiences.

That's what you're getting yourself into with I Am Not a Serial Killer—a new thriller from director Billy O'Brien. Starring Max Records (Where the Wild Things Are) and Christopher Lloyd (come on, you know what he's been in—it's Christopher Lloyd), I Am Not a Serial Killer is based on Dan Wells's 2009 cult YA novel of the same name. 

Young John Wayne Cleaver is not a serial killer, but he has all the makings of one. It's a constant struggle to keep his homicidal tendencies in check, but when a killer starts terrorizing the town, he must unleash his inner demons to track the murderer and keep the town safe. 

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