TNT Doubles Down with Patricia Cornwell

Hornet’s Nest, debut in the Andy Brazil series, by Patricia CornwellBefore we’ve even seen the first movie, TNT has announced that they’re acquiring more bestsellers to add to the first 6 movies beginning tonight.

According to Deadline, they’ve picked up Hornet’s Nest, a Patricia Cornwell novel not in the Kay Scarpetta series.  This story about a serial killer in North Carolina will star Virginia Madsen as Police Chief Judy Hammer and Sherry Stringfield as her deputy.  Cub reporter and eager volunteer cop Andy Brazil, the series lead in the novels, will be played by Robbie Arnell, who you may have seen recently in CSI:NY or Revenge, and who’ll also appear in Alcatraz. (More about that show later this week!)

Obviously, TNT’s keeping to the marquee casting they’ve begun.  Given that, we wouldn’t be at all surprised to have the female duo become more the focus here, especially since one of the scriptwriters already works on Rizzoli & Isles. So, if you’re a Cornwell fan, is anything not-Scarpetta not good enough, or are you excited to see this one, too?

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