Woolly Sherlock Cleans Up with Sage and Lemongrass

Sherlock Felted SoapPerhaps this fun, woolly Sherlock will wash away your iniquities with the bracing scents of sage and lemongrass.  According to SoFino (whose image this is), such felted soaps are great because they lather and exfoliate, are refillable, and prevent having those slippery soapy niblets you can never hang on to or finish using.  When you’re through letting him investigate your sink, you can even dose him with essential oils to use as a sachet. If it’s too weird to to nestle the pipesmoker in with your lacey underthings, we’ve also heard lemongrass keeps away bugs, so if you’ve got a deerstalker or plaid cape that needs proofing. . .


  1. Saundra Peck


  2. Deborah Lacy

    Fun stocking giftie.

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