The Stuff of Nightmares: Artist Brings Children’s Fears to Life

Artist Joshua Hoffine gives us the stuff of nightmares!
Artist Joshua Hoffine gives us the stuff of nightmares!
Here, we sometimes talk about very nightmare-enducing topics. However, artist Joshia Hoffine is spending much of 2014 bringing those nightmares to life. The above picture is from a series of photoshoots (and a soon-to-be film) that brings those very fears to your screens. Ever felt like there was a monster under your bed? You're covered! Hate that feeling like someone is under those creaky stairs as you walk down? Those, too! His collection of horror photography features everything from these childhood nightmares to visions of the undead, cannibalism, and just general creepiness. Here's part of the statement from his website:

I am interested in the psychology of fear.

We are all born with certain inherent and instinctual fears, such as fear of the dark, the fear of lurking danger, and the fear of being eaten. As we grow older these fears lose their intensity and are slowly shuffled away into our Unconscious.

Horror, as an art form, draws its strength from the Unconscious.

Hoffine does manage to capture that.

Hat tip to the gallery at Buzzfeed for sharing this gruesome collection.

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