The Killer Elite: Action-Packed with Crime Champs

Jason Statham and Robert De Niro star in The Killer Elite
Jason Statham and Robert De Niro star as Grasshopper and Yoda in The Killer Elite

Not only are 2 of our Jack Reacher suggestions in this late September release about a retired member of Britain’s Elite SAS (Jason Statham) struggling against a team of assasins (led by Clive Owen), but the good guy is fighting to save the life of his old mentor, played by the godfather of crime dramas, Robert De Niro! 

Remaking the Sam Peckinpah film (1975), which starred James Caan and Robert Duvall, might seem like a tall order.  (In fact, it’s such a tall order that our keen commenters pointed out that the earlier film was based upon another espionage novel.)  However, with nitro-boosted extra Scorps-power in the soundtrack, The Killer Elite’s trailer—based upon a novel by British Army/SAS veteran, demolitions-prankster, and adventurer Ranulph Fiennes—is rocking us like a hurricane!

(Yes, the joke must be made, and give it your forefinger-and-pinkie salute, soldier!)


  1. Justin Gustainis

    The forthcoming action film “The Killer Elite” does not appear to be a remake of the earlier filmn of the same name, directed by Sam Pechinpaugh and starring Caan and Duvall. That film was based on the novel “The Killer Elite” by Robert Rostand, about a crippled U.S. intelligence agent brought out of retirement to protect a visiting African political leader. The new film is apparently based on “The Feather Men” by Ranuplh Fiennes, a supposedly-based-in-fact novel about SAS men being targeted by professional assassins.

  2. Doug Riddle

    Yes, the only connection between this movie and the Pechinpaugh are the title. And from looking at the trailer, they have take the book “The Feather Men” and turned it into a Jason Statham Kung Fu joke.

  3. Clare 2e

    Oops, sorry about that. You’re both right- saw it mis-reported as a remake elsewhere. Obviously, the name fooled a couple of us at first glance. It IS based upon the Ranulph Fiennes book, but a different storyline than the Rostand book, obviously.

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